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Tolerance Posters in Salt Lake City, Utah

On January 23rd the Tolerance Poster Show was open in Salt Lake City, Utah.
It happened simultaneously in a few different locations and there is more to come. The show appeared on the streets and appeared in a local park that currently is under construction.
Salt Lake County Art and Culture Center is debuting posters and showcasing them on a screen at Salt Lake Film Society, in the main theater. This theater will also be hosting The Sundance Film Festival, where all visitors will have a chance to see Tolerance posters. At the same time the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center were displaying the posters in their lobby.
The show is also featured in Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) ACME Lab. Due to limited space not all posters were possible to be displayed in the gallery. But all posters were displayed on computer screens. Few posters are also displayed in The Salt Lake City Public Library as well as other libraries around the city. Here all posters are also projected on the walls of the li…

Tolerance Show in Pula, Croatia

On November 30th the Tolerance Poster Show was open in Pula, Croatia. The show was part of
Sa(n)jam knjige u Istri (Book Fair(y) in Istria), the biggest book fair in that part of the world. This year
the theme of the book fair was freedom. The tolerance poster show was fitting perfectly in that theme
because without tolerance there is no freedom.

Because of a limitation of space only 70 tolerance posters have been exhibited. 

The poster for the show designed by Mauricio Ferlin.

Tolerance Show in Beirut, Lebanon

On November 29 the Tolerance Poster Show was open at D Beirut, Dora. The show was part of AdPulse creative day, which is organized by ArabAd and hosted by Hopscotch and was supported
by Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (Alba) and PrintWorks.

Due to limited amount of space not all posters were displayed, for similar reasons some posters were printed smaller to maximize space efficiency. Unfortunately in the process of installing posters a few were displayed upside down. Despite all of this the show was a big success. After the show the organizer will continue to use existing print outs to show at different schools in Beirut. 

All this was made possible by the generous efforts of Ghada Azzi.

Tolerance Show in Helsinki, Finland

On November 12th the Tolerance Poster Show was opened by Miss Nasima Razmyar, the Culture and Leisure Deputy Mayor in Helsinki. The show was on display at the Caisa gallery owned by the City of Helsinki. 
Because of limited spacesome posters were shown by projection.
The show was made possible because of the great enthusiasm and effort from Pekka Loiri.

The poster for the show designed by Pekka Loiri.

Tolerance in Jakarta, Indonesia

On November 11th through November 17th, 2018 the Tolerance poster show was on view at the Pacific Place Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia. The show was part of the International Day of Tolerance and organized by @america. The entire exhibit was projections which you can see below:

The poster announcement for the show:

Tolerance Poster Opening in Timisoara, Romania

The Tolerance Poster Show has officially opened in Timisoara, Romania, and the reaction was very positive. 5 different locations around the city showcased the posters in creative environments and lent itself well to visitors and photographs. Thank you to Ovidiu & Silvia Hrin and the volunteers at Typopassage TM for the hard work and putting immense effort into the show for citizens and visitors and more to see for themselves. This trip would also not have been possible without the generous support of Denise Benmosche.

Brochure designed by Flavia Țună, Alex Iliescu