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Stolen Tolerance posters in Chelyabinsk, Russia

The second night after the opening of the show, someone cut and stole 10 of the posters. The people there don't think this was done out of hate but rather "just" a crime of admiration. Unfortunately, this "admiration" means other people lost the opportunity to see the work in person. Below is the organizer's statement. "ON TOLERANCE AND GOOD TASTE At the opening of the Tolerance Poster Show in Chelyabinsk I said that any exhibition on such theme as tolerance, especially when you do it outside, in town, is a kind of indicator, test for the society, because any reaction shows whether we are ready to be tolerant or not. And I think we’ve got extremely great reaction on this exhibition from the youth yesterday morning. You can see this reaction on the photos. Some of them liked posters of world-renowned graphic designers so much, that they've decided to steal them on the second night of the exhibition. Judging by the posters they took we can conf

Tolerance Poster in Chelyabinsk, Russia

The Tolerance Poster Show was exhibited in Russia for the first time this Thursday, the 20th of September.  The poster show was part of the Festival of Contemporary art "Debarkader-2018". The main organizer is the State Historical Museum of South Ural, the partners are the Department of Service and Art Processing Materials of South Ural State University and "Design Events" project.  The show is exhibited in front of the State historical Museum of South Ural in Chelyabinsk. Thank you to Pavel Pisklakov who came up with the idea to include the poster show as part of the festival. He organized many aspects of the show and managed to win the support of the city.  I would also like to thank Rifat Abdrashitov, Pavel's partner in the "Design Events" Project. The opening of the Tolerance Poster Show on Russian TV: Poster Created for the Chelyabinsk, Russia show by Pavel Pisklakov

Tolerance Posters at TheMostFest|2.0 in Konstantinovka, Ukraine

On August 25th, a Tolerance Show opened at the Konstantinovka industrial zone in Ukraine. This exhibition was part of TheMostFest|2.0, a multi-disciplinary event that also featured workshops, dance performances, and live music. The venue was a formerly abandoned hanger, which has recently been activated as a space for cultural and social events as part of Metacity: East, a project by young Ukrainian architects, thinkers, and activists who seek to draw attention to abandoned industrial spaces via urban art interventions. The festivals attracted between two and three thousand people. The posters were hung in five large squares on the side walls of the hangar, in addition to two posters on either side of the entrance. Unfortunately, because these exhibitions are largely installed by volunteers, a couple of the posters were hung-upside down or were printed larger than the boundaries of the page. However, this is just a consequence of grassroots organizing. If you pay attention—this i