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Tolerance Book by Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE

When I agreed with David Howarth and Kevin Badni to have The Tolerance Poster Show in Abu Dhabi at Zayed University they told me they were going to print a catalogue along with the show. After the opening of the show I asked them to send me a sample of the catalogue, expecting I would receive some sort of 8 page fold out pamphlet. Instead of that, there arrived a 226 page book. What was really impressive is that all 111 posters I had during that time were printed in the book. Nothing was excluded or censored. Some of the images which contained frontal nudity would probably be censored by Facebook, but not in the book from Zayed University. Because of that I am very grateful to David and Kevin.         

Tolerance Poster show in Mariupol, Ukraine

On June 14th we had an opening of the Tolerance Poster show  in Mariupol, Ukraine.  Almost one hundred posters were exhibited, including  two posters of Ukrainian designers. The show was made possible and  organized  by  Platform You  and with support of  PLAN B  fest  and Rajko Bozic.

Tolerance Poster show in Anker’t, Budapest

On June 4th we had an opening of the Tolerance Poster show at Anker’t in Budapest, Hungary. The venue is one of the largest beergardens in Budapest. 100 posters are displayed on the outside and inside of the building. The show is a part of the Pride Festival . This show was made possible by the generous efforts of Opla Projekt . The poster for the show was designed by KrisztiánGál .