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Tolerance Project: Poster House Blog

Angelina Lippert   is the chief curator and director of content for the  Poster House  in NYC, which, believe it or not, is the only museum dedicated exclusively to posters in the United States. She totally amazed me by writing this article in real-time for the Poster House blog about today's pop-up show at Union Square.  Here, you can read the whole article.    

Today's "Daily Heller"

In today's Daily Heller . "To date, most of the exhibitions have been mounted outside the United States. Some domestic institutions have signed up for the show, but have since decided to cancel it for unspecified reasons. It seems, in part, that tolerance has become politicized at a time when intolerance has risen throughout the world.  The Tolerance Project starts a conversation about inclusion, which can only begin with a foundation of tolerance. “The show utilizes the unique power of design to remind us what we all have in common,” says organizer Mirko Ilic."