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Tolerance Poster Show in Dominican Republic

The Tolerance traveling poster show opened yesterday, November 28th at Altos de Chavón School of Design i n Santo Domingo. The show was opened by Santiago (Chago) García,  designer from Dominican Republic and contributor to the Tolerance show.  Because of the configuration of the school this is one of the rare cases where the show wasn’t exhibited outside. We would like to thank Adolfo Lucero, Vice President of the school, for making this show possible. He w as also in charge of organizing and designing the show.  I think that the artists' photographs, bios, and flags under each poster is an especially nice touch. Invitations for the Dominican Republic Show

Tolerance Poster Show at AGORA Shopping Mall in Izmir,Turkey

A few photos of the Tolerance poster show that opened on November 27th at the AGORA shopping mall in Izmir, Turkey. The show was made possible by İbrahim Yüncü and Oğuz Aydemir.