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Showing posts from December, 2020

Tolerance Poster Show in Bangkok, Thailand

On December 10th we had the opening of the Tolerance Poster Show in Bangkok, Thailand. The show takes place in the Samyan Mitrtown shopping mall, and it is part of the Winter Book Fest 2020 .   This show was made possible with the help of North Danaiphan and his studio Zerotwostudio , and Chonticha Lerthattasin and her company, Fourart1994 Co., Ltd. Special thanks to Charun Homtientong, the owner of the publishing company Saengdao , who helped us with the construction and printing cost.  And we are grateful to the Samyan Mitrtown shopping mall for not only hosting the show but also extending it to the end of January. Last but not least, we would like to thank Sirithada Kongpha and Siranan Hohum for their support.  

Tolerance Poster Show in Kolding, Denmark

On December 3rd the Tolerance Poster Show opened at the university Design School Kolding in Kolding, Denmark. The posters are being exhibited in the window grid running in one long band around the university building, so it could be seen from the street. At the beginning of December, all the posters were also projected onto the window grid at night during the Kolding Light Festival . The exhibition will continue until the end of February 2021. The show was made possible by Rikke Hansen and the efforts of the staff; Mette Thrane Frandsen, Alan Schmidt, Nina Prochniewska, Emil Toft Beier and Mia Friis, and the students from the Design School Kolding.

Tolerance Poster Show in Seongnam, South Korea

On December 6th we had the opening of the Tolerance Poster Show in front of the Korea Design Center in Seongnam, South Korea. The show was made possible by the great effort of  Byoung Il Sun,  Hoon-dong Chung, Mi-jung Lee, Eun-jin Yu and their students who helped in the installation creatively using forklift pallets.