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Showing posts from November, 2018

Tolerance Show in Helsinki, Finland

On November 12th the Tolerance Poster Show was opened by  Miss Nasima Razmyar,  the Culture and Leisure  Deputy Mayor in Helsinki. The show was on display at the  Caisa gallery  owned by the City of Helsinki.  Because of limited  space   some posters were shown by projection. The show was made possible because of the great enthusiasm and effort from Pekka Loiri. The poster for the show designed by Pekka Loiri.

Tolerance in Jakarta, Indonesia

On November 11th through November 17th, 2018 the Tolerance poster show was on view at the Pacific Place Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia. The show was part of the International Day of Tolerance and organized by  @america . The entire exhibit was projections which you can see below:   The poster announcement for the show: