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Children's Tolerance Workshop in Maribor

We are pleased to share with you that on June 29th, 2023, the Tolerance Poster Show was displayed in front of the Sports Association Center Maribor in Town Park in Maribor, Slovenia. This exhibition was special because the main audience, besides the general public, were children aged 6-12. After viewing the posters and having a discussion about the word Tolerance, the children were encouraged to explore their understanding and artistic talent through a workshop.  We are grateful to Tanja Cvitko whose relentless effort made this show and workshop possible. You can see more photos from Maribor here .  

LGBTQIA+ Panel at The Lang School, NYC

Today, Monday, June 12th,   The Lang School , a school for twice-exceptional learners in lower Manhattan, hosted an LGBTQIA+ panel of activists and advocates in celebration of Pride Month. For this occasion, they hung small Tolerance Posters throughout the school.  Speaking on the panel were Father Matt from Trinity Church , Julian, David, and I. The panel was organized and moderated by Camille Giordano.  "The Lang School educates twice-exceptional (2e) children — gifted students with learning differences. We offer these highly promising learners a rigorous, child-centered, empirically validated education with integrated supports that foster independence and self-advocacy. We model and teach students to own their impact and empower them to speak up and stand up for equity and social justice. For most people, the school years are about fitting in, while adulthood is about standing out; for 2e children, standing out comes early. At Lang, through the nurturing of purpose, passion, an

"Students for Tolerance" at FH Joanneum Graz

I am pleased to let you know that today   Steven Heller   published a post about the "Students for Tolerance" workshop in his prestigious blog "The Daily Heller". Inspired by the "Tolerance Project", this initiative was started by   Tomislav Bobinec   a professor at the Institute of Design and Communication at FH Joanneum Graz in Austria. This is the second year of the "Students for Tolerance" workshop and is a collaboration of art school students from different European countries. You can read Steven Hellers post here .