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Showing posts from March, 2020

Tolerance Poster Show in Chelyabinsk, Russia

On March 6th the Tolerance Poster Show opened at the "Center of Intercultural Communications of Chelyabinsk Regional Universal Scientific Library" in  Chelyabinsk,  Russia.  The show is a part of the event "Days of Design in Public Library”, and is scheduled to be up until April 25th.  This is subject to change, depending on how the situation with the Coronavirus develops, even so far they don’t have any cases there. This is the second Tolerance Poster Show organized in Chelyabinsk. The show is organized and made possible by the efforts of Pavel Pisklakov, assistant professor at "South Ural State University” and Rifat Abdrashitov as a head of "Center of Intercultural Communications of the Library".  Poster Created for the Chelyabinsk, Russia show by Pavel Pisklakov.

The Tolerance Poster Show in Shenandoah University, USA

Because of the Coronavirus threat, we have a "soft opening" of the Tolerance Poster Show in Shenandoah University , Virginia. The posters are on display in the HLSB’s Halpin Rotunda and lobby. At this point the university campus is closed, but the show will stay open until the safe return of the students. This show was made possible with the dedicated effort of Matthew Klein.