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The Tolerance Poster Show in Colonia, Uruguay

The photos of the last part of the preparation for tonight's opening of the Tolerance Poster Show in the Government Place building in Colonia, Uruguay. The show is the satellite exhibition of 2nd International Festival, Uruguay Cartel 2021 . The show is organized by Uruguay Cartel and Gabriel Amijai Benderski Perez .

The Tolerance in Changsha, China

We just got announcement from Modern Sky , organizer of the show in Changsha, China that opening of the show will be moved to September 11th and will be open for a month.    Here below is the new poster for the show and a very informative link for social media that Modern Sky created.       

The Announcement Poster, Uruguay

T he announcement poster for the Tolerance Poster Show in Colonia del Sacramento , Uruguay.  The show is going to open in front of the city hall on September 10th, and it will be on display till September 30th.        

The Tolerance Poster Show in Bardejov, Slovakia

On August 6th, 2021, at 5 PM, the Tolerance Poster Show will be open at the Monastery Park in Bardejov, Slovakia.  The show will be on display from August 7th to September 31st, 2021. There will be 177 Tolerance posters on display.  The Tolerance Poster Project is an accompanying exhibition of the Poster Quadrennial Bardejov 2021 . The concept of the installation, the curation of the show, the design of the announcement poster and the catalogue/newspaper were done by Peter Javorik .    

The Tolerance Poster Show in Warsaw

Here is few more photos from the opening of the Tolerance Poster Show in Warsaw. More here:    

Tolerance Poster in the altar room of St. Markus München Church

As a part of the Tolerance Poster Show in Kunstareal München District, in Germany, the St. Markus München church displayed Tolerance posters on the construction scaffoldings around it. On top of that, the minister of the church also decided to display the poster by Angie Wang , a US designer, in the altar room of the church.    The church seems to be the appropriate and the right place for tolerance. We are thankful to the minister for doing this.