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Tolerance Poster show in Dubrovnik, Croatia

For the first time, the Tolerance Poster show was exhibited on city buses. Beside the Dubrovnik Public City Transport buses, the exhibition opened at the historical complex Lazareti, a magnificent edifice built between 1627 and 1647. It has served as the last historical spot of the very first quarantine. In 1994. the complex Lazareti has been enscribed on the World Heritage List.

On August 14th to the 21st there was a projection of 132 posters on the Emin's House in Lazareti, historical residence of the Ottoman's Empire Customs Officer.

From August 14th to October 1st, 132 printed posters are being shown in one of Lazareti's premises.

From August 14th to October 17th - Public City Transport in Dubrovnik, carried by the 'Libertas' company. Four buses on four different bus lines running from 5:00-24:00 h throughout the city and connecting all its parts with the city center are displaying around 80 posters of Tolerance Poster Show for this two month period.

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Tolerance Poster show in Venice, Italy

On July 12th as part of Artivism: The Atrocity Prevention Pavilion we had an opening of the Tolerance Poster show in Venice, Italy. The show includes 100 posters which will be on display for one month throughout the streets of Venice.

The show was made possible and organized by The Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation and The City of Venice.

Tolerance Poster show in Xi’an Eurasia University, China

On July 8th we had an opening of the Tolerance Poster show in Xi’an Eurasia University in China. In the show, due to space limitations, there are 54 posters exhibited. The show was open with support of Cumulus, and is organized by Xi’an Eurasia University Art & Design School and Museum of Design.   

The show is the visual presentation of Eurasia school's motto “Harmony in Diversity".

Tolerance Book by Zayed University, Abu Dhabi

When I agreed with David Howarth and Kevin Badni to have The Tolerance Poster Show in Abu Dhabi at Zayed University they told me they were going to print a catalogue along with the show. After the opening of the show I asked them to send me a sample of the catalogue, expecting I would receive some sort of 8 page fold out pamphlet.

Instead of that, there arrived a 226 page book. What was really impressive is that all 111 posters I had during that time were printed in the book. Nothing was excluded or censored. Some of the images which contained frontal nudity would probably be censored by Facebook, but not in the book from Zayed University. Because of that I am very grateful to David and Kevin.