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The Banner on Museums and Galleries of Podgorica

I am very happy to let you know that this weekend the Museums and Galleries of Podgorica , Montenegro installed this banner on their building announcing an upcoming Tolerance Poster Show.    Art on the banner by Jose Albergaria.   The Tolerance Poster Show is part of the FLUID Expo and will to be open on November 2-30 2021. The show is realized in partnership by NVU FLUX , Museums and Galleries of Podgorica and the Secretariat for Culture and Sports of the Capital .   Photos by Dusko Miljanic.    

The Tolerance Poster Show at FLUID Expo, in Podgorica, Montenegro

"Within the FLUID Expo program segment, from 2-30 November 2021 in Podgorica, an exhibition of posters TOLERANCE will be opened, which is realized in partnership by NVU FLUX , Museums and Galleries of Podgorica and the Secretariat for Culture and Sports of the Capital, in cooperation with the foundation Tolerance Project Inc. and studio Mirko Ilić Corp.   THE TOLERANCE PROJECT is a travelling poster collection that celebrates and honors the starting point of all meaningful discourse: tolerance. Founded by designer, illustrator and activist Mirko Ilić, this bold initiative showcases the work of over 170 designers—some established, some up-and-coming, all wildly talented.   It’s all part of starting a conversation about inclusion, which can only begin with a foundation of tolerance—and spreading respect in a world increasingly split by race, religion, sexuality, and national origin. In posters that are by turns playful and profound, surprising and original, THE TOLERANCE PROJECT ut

Tolerance Workshops in Uruguay

Inspired by the Tolerance Poster Show , Uruguay Cartel decided to organize workshops at two schools School Nº2 and San Juan Bautista College. The idea of the workshops was to teach the school children about different issues of tolerance and human rights. They were invited to create posters about social issues that concern them using drawings, typography and collages.   We are grateful to Gabriel Amijai Benderski Perez and Eduardo Davit for creating and organizing these workshops.

The Tolerance Poster Show in Colonia, Uruguay

The photos of the last part of the preparation for tonight's opening of the Tolerance Poster Show in the Government Place building in Colonia, Uruguay. The show is the satellite exhibition of 2nd International Festival, Uruguay Cartel 2021 . The show is organized by Uruguay Cartel and Gabriel Amijai Benderski Perez .

The Tolerance in Changsha, China

We just got announcement from Modern Sky , organizer of the show in Changsha, China that opening of the show will be moved to September 11th and will be open for a month.    Here below is the new poster for the show and a very informative link for social media that Modern Sky created.       

The Announcement Poster, Uruguay

T he announcement poster for the Tolerance Poster Show in Colonia del Sacramento , Uruguay.  The show is going to open in front of the city hall on September 10th, and it will be on display till September 30th.