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Tolerance Poster Show at university MOME in Budapest, Hungary

Here are few photos from the Tolerance Poster show in the exhibition hall of the new campus of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest. The show opened on Noveber 11. and is a part of the Graphifest Budapest, wich is the most important event of the Hungarian graphic design community.  

The show was made possible by the efforts of Gyula Molnár and Vargha Balázs.  

Tolerance Poster Show at Pop-Up Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Tolerance poster show was a part of the Pop-Up Sarajevo festival. This festival is organized by students of the AUL Academy of Sarajevo. The posters were displayed in front and inside of the academy building. The show was made possible by the hard work of the students of the academy and the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The poster with the names of the artists, that were included in the show designed by the students of the academy.

Tolerance Poster show in Lahti, Finland

Due to space constraints, we had the opening of a small Tolerance poster show in Lahti, Finland. The show opened on October 2 and is open until October 27. It is exhibited in the “Museum Kiosk” of the Lahti Art Museum. This space is temporary, until the new Lahti Art and Design Museum building is completed.

This show was made possible by the generous efforts ofPekka Loiri.

Tolerance Poster Show at University of De Aveiro, Portugal

Here are a  few photos from the Tolerance Poster show at University of De Aveiro which opened October 9th and is closing October 29th. 
The show is being simultaneously shown in these municipalities: Galeria Multifunções do Espaço Viver A UA . Universidade De Aveiro,  Design Factory Aveiro . PCI - Creative Science Park,  Biblioteca Municipal De Aveiro, From Campus ESTGA . UA to Biblioteca Municipal Manuel Alegre, Casa da Cultura De Ílhavo,  Fábrica das Ideias da Gafanha da Nazaré, Campus ESAN . UA, Garagem Justino em Oliveira de Azeméis,
This was made possible and organized by Design Factory Aveiro and University of Aveiro, in partnership with Aveiro Municipality, Ílhavo Municipality, Águeda Municipality and Oliveira de Azeméis Municipality, will host this exhibition.
The article about the Tolerance Poster show from a prestigious daily newspaper the Público. A post about the show from the prestigious design blog the Design Magazine.

Tolerance Poster Show in Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés, Spain

Tolerance Poster Show was part of the Asturias Design Conference 2019 (Asturias Diseña). The festival was held from October 1 to October 17 in Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés, 3 different cities in Spain.The posters were displayed in the festival conference rooms and on the city streets.

I am especially grateful to Maite Prida. She made these shows possible.

Tolerance Poster show in MICA, Baltimore, USA

Here are photos from the Tolerance Poster show at MICA, Maryland Institute College of Art. Which opened September 9th and it is closing Friday, September 19th. The show was organized and made possible by the generous efforts of Brockett Horne, Chair of graphic design.

Tolerance Poster show in Dubrovnik, Croatia

For the first time, the Tolerance Poster show was exhibited on city buses. Beside the Dubrovnik Public City Transport buses, the exhibition opened at the historical complex Lazareti, a magnificent edifice built between 1627 and 1647. It has served as the last historical spot of the very first quarantine. In 1994. the complex Lazareti has been enscribed on the World Heritage List.

On August 14th to the 21st there was a projection of 132 posters on the Emin's House in Lazareti, historical residence of the Ottoman's Empire Customs Officer.

From August 14th to October 1st, 132 printed posters are being shown in one of Lazareti's premises.

From August 14th to October 17th - Public City Transport in Dubrovnik, carried by the 'Libertas' company. Four buses on four different bus lines running from 5:00-24:00 h throughout the city and connecting all its parts with the city center are displaying around 80 posters of Tolerance Poster Show for this two month period.

Here is the se…