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The Tolerance Poster Show in Turda, Romania

On Friday December 13th the Tolerance Poster Show opened at Fabrica de Timp Liber (former beer factory), converted into a comunity center. The show was hosted by Ratiu Democracy Centre , which is created to encourage and promote democratic values such as freedom of thought, tolerance and diversity. The show was a part of "(r)evolution" event featuring workshop on education and discussion on tolerance having as guest speaker Paul Mureșan, a well known Romanian artist  and outspoken gay rights activist. This show was made possible with the effort of Ovidiu Hrin, Ciprian Cucu and Ratiu Democracy Centre.

Tolerance Poster Show at Maine College of Art, USA

Here are some photos of the Tolerance Poster Show from the Maine College of Art. The show will be on view from December 13th to February 22nd. The Show Reception will take place on February 7th. This show was made possible with the dedicated effort of Julia Porter Santos and Drew Hodges.

Third Tolerance Poster Show in Novi Sad, Serbia

On December 10th, for the third time , the Tolerance Poster Show opened at the Liberation Square in Novi Sad, Serbia.  December 10th, is the International Day of Human Rights, and the show coordinates with that event.  The show is going to stay on display till December 29th 2019. We are grateful to Robert Coban for his dedicated efforts, without which, the show would not have been possible.

Tolerance Poster Show at the Youth Cultural Center, Skopje, North Macedonia

The Tolerance Poster Show was part of “Defending European Values in the Accession Process”, an event which hosted more than 100 of the most prominent human rights defenders from the Western Balkans, Turkey and Central Europe. The event was held on December 2-3 2019 at the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje, North Macedonia. " With this we wish to stress the importance that the European Union accession process plays and can play in the years to come for the six countries of the Western Balkans and for Turkey in terms of rule of law, human rights and peace processes in the region; Wish to underline yet again that a path towards accession to the European Union is a fundamental opportunity for the improvement of the human rights situation in the Western Balkans and Turkey, as well as for the countries’ democratization" The event and the show was organized by the Civil Rights Defenders .