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GT22, Tolerance in Maribor, Slovenia

This Tuesday, March 28th GT22 (Inter(trans)disciplinary laboratory that connects art and culture) from Maribor, Slovenia organized my lecture 'Symbols of Hate' and a pop-up show of posters of Tolerance. Now they are working on bringing that show out to the streets of Maribor. I am looking forward to seeing that. Thank you to everybody who brought this together. More images by Marko Golnar and more about GT22 here:

House of Tolerance - Festival of Tolerance, Slovenia

Here are some photos from the Tolerance show opening at the House of Tolerance  festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We're very grateful to all the artist who participated and created the Tolerance posters. Unfortunately, while the show was up, many of the posters were defaced. Some for political reasons, and seem just random acts of vandalism. You can read more in the Daily Heller Blog .