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Tolerance Poster Show in Torino

This year, the Tolerance Poster Show will be part of the Torino Graphic Days , which takes place between September 17th to October 2nd in Torino, Italy.   The show will be featuring 50 Tolerance posters and it will take place at the outdoor space of Docks Dora (former general warehouses). We are grateful to PLUG Association for making the show possible.   Here is the link to the announcement page of the show.    

Upcoming Tolerance Poster Show in Cusco, Peru

We are happy to announce that the Tolerance Poster Show will take place in Peru in the mythical city of Cusco, the archaeological capital of the Americas and the navel of the world. The Tolerance Poster Show will be on display from August 19th at 8:00 p.m. to August 31st in the hall of   Museo Machupicchu - Casa Concha . This will be the first Tolerance Poster Show in Peru. Museo Machupicchu - Casa Concha is home to the largest collection of Machu Picchu artifacts in the world. Casa Concha was built during the colonial era on the site of Puka Marka, which was the residence of the royal lineage of Tupac Inka Yupanqui. In the main patio, visitors will notice a glass-covered excavation pit revealing the Inca floor, six feet below the present surface. We are grateful to Edinson Cárdenas and Asociación Peruana de Diseño (The Peruvian Design Association) , who made the show possible.  Here is the first  announcement   of the show.