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"APD Talks" blog

I am pleased to share with you that I am one of the three designers interviewed by the APD Talks blog. APD (Asia-Pacific Design) Talks is a graphic design blog on Weixin (Wechat) . This particular post is about posters, and it's featuring, among others, my poster designs and the Tolerance Poster Show . You can read the interview and see more images here.    
Here is a post by MVM about the Tolerance Poster Show. MVM organized and held the show at Wangfujing Youth Center in Changsha, China. The show showcased 128 Tolerance Posters. Two popular Chinese bands, Opps! and MFmachine, performed at the opening. MVM (Modern Sky Vision Maker) supports the influential indie music companies in China, it also creates design & artwork out of passion and connects musicians and digital media artists. You can see more photos  here .  

Tolerance Poster Show at "Human Rights House Belgrade"

In celebration of Human Rights Day, Kuća ljudskih prava Beograd / Human Rights House Belgrade in Serbia organized voluntary blood donation in the Big Hall at their headquarters. For this occasion, they decided to decorate the Big Hall with 30 Tolerance posters. And to celebrate their 10th anniversary, which is in this December, the Tolerance Poster Show will be on display throughout December. Human Rights House Belgrade is an organization that is committed to building a democratic and open society based on respect for human rights and the rule of law.    

360º virtual tour of the Tolerance Poster Show in La Paz

Here below are a few images of the 360º virtual tour of the  Tolerance Poster Show in Museo Nacional de Arte  in La Paz, Bolivia. The show was a part of the Bolivia Poster Biennial BICeBé 2021, which opened on November 17th 2021.   The show was made possible by Susana Machicao, director of BICeBé. You can see the virtual tour  here .      

New photos from Podgorica

We just received photographs of Tolerance posters posted in the widows of the Museums and Galleries of Podgorica, Montenegro. Posting only black and white posters in the windows fits perfectly with the colour theme of the building, nice touch.   The Tolerance Poster Show is part of the Fluid - dizajn forum conference and it was made possible in partnership with NVU FLUX, Museums and Galleries of Podgorica and the Secretariat for Culture and Sports of the Capital.   Photos by Duško Miljanić. You can see more about the show in Podgorica here .