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Graphis Poster Annual 2020 Awards

I am very proud to announce that six of the Tolerance Poster Show posters are accepted in Graphis Poster Annual 2020 . Not only did they get accepted but they all won awards. Gunter Rambow - Platinum Award, Kari Piippo - Gold Award, Kit Hinrichs - Gold Award, Ovidiu Hrin - Gold Award, Ariane Spanier - Silver Award, Finn Nygaard - Silver Award. Sincere congratulations to designers and thank you once again for your contribution to The Tolerance Project.       

Tolerance posters show in Philadelphia, USA

As a part of the "Design + Politics/Getting Personal: A Panel Discussion" at University of the Arts, the Tolerance posters show is on on display at the Center for Architecture and Design, in Philadelphia. And the other part of the show is on display in the halls and offices of the University of the Arts, 211 South Broad Street, in Philadelphia. The show is organized by professor Angela Riechers. The selection and mounting of posters were done by the students.