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Announcement of the Tolerance Poster Show in Tokyo

Here is a video of the billboard announcement of the Tolerance Poster Show displayed as part of the Roppongi Art Night . Roppongi Art Night is one of the largest art festivals in Tokyo, Japan. The announcement will repeat once every 5 minutes for 9 days at the Omotesando crossing.    

Press release for the Tolerance Poster Show in Tokyo, Japan

This is the press release for the first Tolerance Poster Show in Japan.  The show will be a part of this year's   Roppongi Art Night , Tokyo's most   important two-day art festival on May 27/28 (Sat/Sun). While the event   recorded over 800,000 visitors in the past, this year's attendance is expected to   exceed 1,000,000. The Tolerance Poster Show will be displayed on art boards   along Roppongi street prior to other programs beginning May 23 (Tue). This show was made posible by director Aya Komboo, professor Matthew Waldman, and   SAMCARA Design Lab of Keio University's Graduate School of   Media   Design , and with much help from   Yuko Shimizu .