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Tolerance Poster Show in Tangerang, Indonesia

On October 20th, Tolerance Poster Show opened in Summarecon Mall Serpong - Tangerang, Indonesia. The show is going to be open through November 16th, the International Day of Tolerance , till November 22nd, 2020.  We are grateful to Irwan Harnoko in coordination with Summarecon Mall Serpong and Worldwide Graphic Designers that made this show possible.     

Tolerance Poster Show in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

On October 23rd, Tolerance Poster Show was open in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it’s going to be open till November 27th, 2020. The show was invited to Tuzla by the mayor of Tuzla Jasmin Imamovic, to celebrate November 16th, the International Day of Tolerance and November 25th, the Day of Statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina.   Multiple copies of posters are spread through the streets of Tuzla, hanged on prominent buildings, even displayed in coffee shops.   We are grateful to Mayor Jasmin Imamovic, who is in cooperation with Centar za culturu, Tuzla (Cultural Center of Tuzla) that made the show possible.     Photos by Ahmed Besic Blicko.

Tolerance Poster Show in the Clarissine Church in Bratislava, Slovakia

On October 7th, the Tolerance Poster Show opened for the 2nd time in Bratislava. This time the show was open in the Clarissine Church (Kostol klarisiek) , a Gothic church that is part of a complex medieval buildings, and now it is used for cultural events.    On display are 51 posters along with some of the posters that were previously vandalized during a show on SNP Bridge . Symbolically, those posters found refugee from vandals in the church.    The show was organized by Robert Paršo and Katarina Hulikova director of BKIS ( Bratislava Cultural and Information Center ) and for that we are grateful to them.

The Tolerance Poster Show, Aveiro Exhibition Book

On October 9th 2019, Design Factory Aveiro and the University of Aveiro, in partnership with the municipalities of Aveiro, Ílhavo, Águeda and Oliveira de Azeméis in Portugal, have hosted the Tolerance Poster Show.  Specially for these shows, in addition to the original 150 Tolerance Poster Show artists, they also invited 12 renowned Portuguese artists to create their own Tolerance posters. As a record of these events, they just published a book with all posters. Here you can find the PDF file of the book.   And here you can find out more information about the shows.        

2nd Tolerance Poster Show in Split, Croatia

On October 1st, after the Tolerance Poster Show was taken down at Split riva, the students of the Design of Visual Communications Department at  Academy of A rt (Umjetnička akademija)  in Split decided to "recycle" the poster/banners. They hung them on a fence surrounding the Academy and because the banners are two sided, they will be rotated.  This was made possible by Vana Bašić with the students of the Design of Visual Communications Department and the Academy of Art .