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American University of Science and Technology in Beirut, Lebanon

The leading Arabic advertising magazine, Arab Ad   formed among students and professionals organized a contest for true Arabic countries to compete for the best Tolerance Poster design after being inspired by the show’s message.  Arts and Design and the Communication Arts Department at the American University of Science and Technology [AUST] decided to organize an exhibition of their students and students from other Universities. These students works were combined with the Tolerance Poster Show.  The University especially acknowledged the achievements of 5 AUST students from the top 10 finalists from 160 entries: Marie louise Al Haber, Lynn Hishi, Lynn Khrais, Aya Tawbeh; and of the #1 winner among all the universities students, AUST's student Lara Gharzzedine. This exhibition was opened by the owner of the University Mrs. Hiam Sakr, their instructor Joelle Chebli, professor Hala Habbal Chairperson - Department of Arts & Design, as well as Dr. Farha, Chairperson - Depar

U.S. Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia

As part of Black History Month, the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb has organized an exhibit of Tolerance Posters Show in all 5 American Corner locations throughout Croatia. For the show the U.S. Embassy chose posters of ten American designers. Here are a few show photographs from the City Libraries of Vukovar, Zadar, Zagreb, Osjek and Rijeka . Library of City of Vukovar Library of City of Zadar Library of City of Osjek   Library of City of Rijeka Library of City of Zagreb           

Tolerance Poster Show in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tolerance Poster Show was part of the PLAN B fest youth festival in Kharkiv, Ukraine.  The festival lasted for from February 15-17th and was attended by 2000 young visitors. The Show united day and night locations. The exhibition took place simultaneously in Mental Complex Studio, the festival’s daytime location and was presented on the Loft stage of the Opera Theater CXID OPERA, where the main night venue of Plan B festival took place. The show was put together by a bunch of young volunteers. After the festival the organizer gave the volunteers a chance to choose a posters of their liking to take home as an award for their hard work. A Special thank you to the organizer, Rajko Božić for his generosity and effort.  This is already the third show he has organized in the Ukraine.  Here below are a few videos documenting the show. Video from Ukrainien UA TV news program. Video from TV Information News Show which has a segment about the Tolerance Poster show. Vid