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The Tolerance Poster Show in La Paz, Bolivia

We are happy to announce that after a 2-year delay because of the pandemic, on November 17th 2021, as part of the Bolivia Poster Biennial BICeBé 2021 , the Tolerance Poster Show took place at Museo Nacional de Arte in La Paz, Bolivia. The show was made possible by the relentless effort of Susana Machicao with Bolivia Poster Biennial BICeBé, Diseñadores Gráficos Bolivia, Fundación Áurea para las artes visuales y el diseño and Museo Nacional de Arte. You can learn more about the show here .  

Graphis "Protest Posters 2" Book

We are very proud and pleased to announce that in the new Graphis book Protest Posters 2 , seven posters created for the Tolerance Poster Show received awards. Designers Leo Liao , Nuno Martins, Brad Holland , Kit Hinrichs received the gold medals. Designers Fidel Pena, Robert Probst, Kari Piippo received the silver medals. You can learn more about the Tolerance Project here .    

Tolerance Workshop in Villa La Paz, Uruguay

Gabriel Amijai Benderski Perez and Eduardo Davit, the organizers of the Tolerance Poster Show in Uruguay managed to organize a guided tour and a second workshop for 6-8-year-old students of School Nº9 Blanca E. Pons.   "The activity began with a guided tour of The Tolerance Poster Show which is located in the main square of Villa La Paz. The exhibition aims to achieve in the public a reflection about a topic that is present on the Human Rights agenda. It is an invitation to think about it addressed in a different way, using imagery and typography applied to the poster. Beginning with a guided tour of the exhibition, workshops continued in which poster design and its social function were discussed. The aim was to transmit to the participants an introduction to graphic design that allows them to use it as a means of expressing themselves and a tool to promote tolerance. As a graphic designer, I, Gabriel Amijai Benderski Perez, understands that the most appropriate technique for chi

The Tolerance Poster Show in Western University

The announcement poster for the upcoming show in  Western University  in London, Canada. The show will open on November 16th, 2021 which is the International Day for Tolerance.

The Tolerance Poster Show in Tirana, Albania

This is poster announcement of the Tolerance Poster Show at Destil Creative Hub in Tirana, Albania. This show will be our 120th show, and Albania will be the 38th country to ever host the Tolerance Poster Show. The show is opening today on November 1st.    We are very grateful to Joreld Dhamo for making this show possible.