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Announcement of Tolerance Poster Show in Chisinau

We are pleased to let you know that we just received the first photo of the Tolerance Poster Show installation at The National Palace Nicolae Sulac. The show is part of the  "Creative Industries Festival 2024" in Chisinau, Moldova. It will open on Saturday, June 1. The festival is organized by the  Artcor Creative Hub . 

Tolerance Workshop in Bucharest

On May 17th there was a lecture and workshop called CITIZEN DESIGNER by  Ovidiu Hrin   (Typopassage Tm) and I at the  National University of Arts in Bucharest . At the same university on May 17th through 21st, a Tolerance Poster workshop was organized and held for design students and young professionals by Ovidiu Hrin and I. The lecture and workshop was part of "I ❤️ DOC” project, promoting excellence in graphic design and documentary cinema. It was organized by Insula 42 and National University of Arts in Bucharest. The posters created by the students at the workshop will be displayed at Amzei Creative Corner in Bucharest, a venue dedicated to creative industries run by  The Institute  in Bucharest.

Open Day at European Committee of the Regions

On May 4th, the European Committee of the Regions and its CIVEX Commission had their Open Day when the general public visited their buildings in Brussels. The show is in Foyer 5 of the Jacques Delors building. This is a slightly different presentation of the show that originally opened on April 16th. You can see more about that show here .  

"ToleranZittau" Project

  We are happy to share with you that we recieved the first announcement for the " ToleranZittau " Project   in Zittau, Germany which will happen between July 16th and September 15th, 2024. The project is supported by " Demokratie leben! ” and organized by “ToleranZittau Projekt” together with " Oberlausitzer-kunstverein . ”  The event includes a Tolerance Poster Show, and people of Zittau are also invited to create their own tolerance posters which will become part of this exhibition. ToleranZittau are also organizing a workshop and invited individuals, groups and school classes to join create tolerance posters together.  

Tolerance at May Day Festival

I am happy to share with you that the Tolerance Poster Show which opened April 29th in Civitanova Marche was a part of their May Day Festival celebration.   At the celebration, among others, the mayor Fabrizio Ciarapica was present, as well as the deputy mayor Claudio Morresi, the vice-president of the city council Giorgio Pollastrelli, the city councilors Paola Campetelli, Paola Fontana, Piero Gismondi, together with the representatives of the Carabinieri, State Police, Guardia di Finanza, Captaincy of Port, Civil Protection.   The ceremony happened in different locations throughout the city. The final destination was the Cartacanta Festival exhibition of Tolerance Posters. This exhibition was created in collaboration with the Municipality of Civitanova, the MAGMA Museum and the Buon Vento Association.   This show was made possible through the relentless effort of Enrico Lattanzi , the director of MAGMA – Museo Archivio Grafica Manifesto . Photos by Luigi Gasparroni.   You can see mor