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Tolerance Poster Shows at University of De Aveiro, Portugal

Here are a  few photos from the Tolerance Poster show at University of De Aveiro which opened October 9th and is closing October 29th. 

The show is being simultaneously shown in these municipalities:
Galeria Multifunções do Espaço Viver A UA . Universidade De Aveiro, 
Design Factory Aveiro . PCI - Creative Science Park, 
Biblioteca Municipal De Aveiro,
From Campus ESTGA . UA to Biblioteca Municipal Manuel Alegre,
Casa da Cultura De Ílhavo, 
Fábrica das Ideias da Gafanha da Nazaré,
Campus ESAN . UA,
Garagem Justino em Oliveira de Azeméis,

This was made possible and organized by Design Factory Aveiro and University of Aveiro, in partnership with Aveiro Municipality, Ílhavo Municipality, Águeda Municipality and Oliveira de Azeméis Municipality, will host this exhibition.

The article about the Tolerance Poster show from a prestigious daily newspaper the Público.
A post about the show from the prestigious design blog the Design Magazine.


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