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Tolerance Postcards / Limited Edition FLUID Montenegro

We are pleasantly surprised to receive a box of Tolerance Poster Postcards in the mail.

They are published by NGO FLUX in Cetinje, Montenegro. Only 10 sets of them were printed. The postcards are made to commemorate The International Day for Tolerance and the Tolerance Poster Show, which was part of the FLUID design forum at Modernoj Galeriji (Muzeji i galerije Podgorice) in Podgorica, Montenegro in November 2021. This edition includes 183 postcards. That is how many posters we had in our collection then. We want to send our special thanks to Ana Matić, President of NGO FLUX, for her effort in organizing the Tolerance Poster Show and publishing the Tolerance postcards.

You can read more about the Tolerance Poster Show in Podgorica, Montenegro here.


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Tolerance Poster Show in Taipei, Taiwan

On November 24th, we had the opening of the Tolerance Poster Show in the Ximen Red House in Taipei. The Red House is a historical building that has over 500 visitors per day.   The Tolerance Poster Show takes place alongside the Taiwan International Student Design Competition Award Ceremony. This not only enriches the exhibition of the award-winning designs but also introduces more teachers and students in Taiwan to The Tolerance Project. This show was made possible by the effort of Prof. Apex Lin, Prof. Leo Lin and Miira Lin.   The announcement poster for the Taipei show is created by Leo Lin.      

Tolerance Poster Show in Kolding, Denmark

On December 3rd the Tolerance Poster Show opened at the university Design School Kolding in Kolding, Denmark. The posters are being exhibited in the window grid running in one long band around the university building, so it could be seen from the street. At the beginning of December, all the posters were also projected onto the window grid at night during the Kolding Light Festival . The exhibition will continue until the end of February 2021. The show was made possible by Rikke Hansen and the efforts of the staff; Mette Thrane Frandsen, Alan Schmidt, Nina Prochniewska, Emil Toft Beier and Mia Friis, and the students from the Design School Kolding.

The Tolerance Poster Show in Bardejov, Slovakia

On August 6th, 2021, at 5 PM, the Tolerance Poster Show will be open at the Monastery Park in Bardejov, Slovakia.  The show will be on display from August 7th to September 31st, 2021. There will be 177 Tolerance posters on display.  The Tolerance Poster Project is an accompanying exhibition of the Poster Quadrennial Bardejov 2021 . The concept of the installation, the curation of the show, the design of the announcement poster and the catalogue/newspaper were done by Peter Javorik .