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Tolerance workshop at "June Art Home" in Phitsanulok, Thailand

On January 21st, June Art Home's students, aged 16-18, were invited to create their own Tolerance posters. Since there is no direct translation for the word tolerance in the Thai language, the students of June Art Home found their own replacement for that word. They designed their Tolerance posters based on them. To be inspired in their creation, the students were surrounded by the official Tolerance posters created by professional artists. At the end of the workshop, the students' Tolerance posters were on display alongside the official Tolerance Poster Show. The event also included movie screenings and students reading stories.

The founder of June Art Home, Chitlada Wiriyaprasit - June, hopes that after this experience, the students can be inspired to develop their artistic skills and social responsibilities.
Chitlada Wiriyaprasit - June opened her schoolin 1997. Her school focus on kids and youth. She teach her student with open-end in mind, that make her student have broad degree of freedom to make their art and design. Start from painting, clay work, collage art, now a day she open alternative movie screening and partner some organization to make activity that make kids and youth joy with arts.

This show and workshop were made possible by Chitlada Wiriyaprasit - June, Kritchanat Plianchoei - Ton, Paphawarin Seeladee - June, and Akarawut Kraikhajornkiti - Nae.



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